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Vejle: Quiz


Question 1: Lars-Henrik Schmidt (________), philosopher

Question 2: The city itself has a population of 50,654 (1st January ________)[1] and the Vejle Municipality has a population of 105,884 (2009).

Question 3: Vejle is home to the ________ (Vejle Football Club), which has won several Danish soccer (football) championships throughout the years.
Vejle BoldklubOdense BoldklubAkademisk BoldklubViborg FF

Question 4: Because of the many wool mills, the town was at one point known as the "Manchester of ________", although the town's metal works also became and important sector of the local economy.

Question 5: Vejle has fostered many great football players, among them one of the few worldwide stars of Danish soccer history: ________, who was named Europe's best soccer player in 1977.
Karl-Heinz RummeniggeMichel PlatiniMichael LaudrupAllan Simonsen

Question 6: ________, former HSV, Everton, Real Madrid, Celtic, now retired is also a native son.
Thomas GravesenJesper GrønkjærThomas SørensenJon Dahl Tomasson

Question 7: Other prominent landmarks are St. Nicolai Church, from the mid 13th century, and a ________ built on the slopes of the hills to the south, which, visible from almost everywhere in town, is a symbol of the town.
WindmillWind farmWind turbineWind power

Question 8: Vejle (Danish pronunciation: [ˈvaile]) is a town in ________ and the site of the council of both Vejle Municipality (kommune) and Region Syddanmark, located in southeast of Jutland Peninsula.


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