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Question 1: When the confining pressure is too great, or when brittle-________ rheological conditions predominate, vein formation occurs via crack-seal mechanisms.

Question 2: For open space filling to take effect, the ________ is generally considered to be below 0.5 GPa, or less than 3-5 kilometres.
TemperatureForcePressurePressure measurement

Question 3: Hydrofracture breccias are classic targets for ________ exploration as there is plenty of fluid flow and open space to deposit ore minerals.
OreHeavy mineral sands ore depositsOre genesisSedimentary exhalative deposits

Question 4: Typical examples include ________ lodes, as well as skarn mineralisation.

Question 5: In many of the gold mines exploited during the ________ of the 19th century, vein material alone was typically sought as ore material.
AlaskaCalifornia Gold RushUnited StatesGold rush

Question 6: However, it is rare in ________ for significant open space to remain open in large volumes of rock, especially several kilometers below the surface.
NatureGeologyEarth scienceEarth

Question 7: Alternatively, hydraulic fracturing may create a ________ which is filled with vein material.
Impact eventBrecciaImpact craterMeteorite

Question 8: In geology, a vein is a distinct sheetlike body of ________ minerals within a rock.
CrystallizationRecrystallization (chemistry)Sublimation (chemistry)Distillation


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