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Vedic Sanskrit: Quiz


Question 1: 600 BCE, in the classical period of Iron Age Ancient India, Vedic Sanskrit gave way to ________ as defined by the grammar of Pāṇini.

Question 2: It is closely related to Avestan, the oldest preserved ________.
Ossetic languageIranian languagesPersian languageKurdish language

Question 3: The vowels ai (ऐ) and au (औ) were actually realized in Vedic Sanskrit as hiatus /aːi/ (आइ) and /aːu/ (आउ), but they became ________ /ai/ (अइ) and /au/ (अउ) in Classical Sanskrit.
DiphthongSpanish phonologyRomanian phonologyPortuguese phonology

Question 4: Vedic Sanskrit is an ________ language.
Indo-Aryan languagesPaliHindustani languageHindi

Question 5: ________ invaded the Indus valley and the political center of the Indo-Aryan kingdoms shifted eastward, to the Gangetic plain.
Darius I of PersiaCyrus the GreatFirst Persian invasion of GreeceAchaemenid Empire

Question 6: Vedic Sanskrit had a voiceless bilabial fricative (/ɸ/, called upadhmānīya) and a ________ (/x/, called jihvāmūlīya)—which used to occur when the breath visarga (अः) appeared before voiceless labial and velar consonants respectively.
Voiceless velar plosiveVoiced postalveolar fricativeVoiceless velar fricativeVoiceless postalveolar fricative

Question 7: This is the last stratum of vedic Sanskrit leading up to 500 BCE, comprising the bulk of the Shrauta and Grhya Sutras, and some ________ (E.g.
UpanishadsVedasRigvedaBhagavad Gita

Question 8: It is the language of the Vedas, the oldest shruti texts of ________, compiled over the period of the mid 2nd to mid 1st millennium BCE.
AyyavazhiIndian religionsBuddhismHinduism

Question 9: Vedic had a ________ absent in Panini's grammar and generally believed to have disappeared by then at least in common sentence constructions.
Optative moodSubjunctive moodIrrealis moodConditional mood

Question 10: Vedic also had a retroflex l for retroflex l, an intervocalic allophone of , represented in ________ with the separate symbol and transliterated as or ḷh.
Gujarati scriptMalayalam scriptBrāhmī scriptDevanagari


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