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Vectorman: Quiz


Question 1: Vectorman is an "orbot" (a robot whose body is composed entirely of orbs) powered with a ball gun in his hand; powerups include a ________, "bolo" gun, and triple-fire guns.
FirearmMachine gunAssault rifleM2 Browning machine gun

Question 2: Vectorman was awarded Best Sega Mega Drive Game of 1995 by ________.
Nintendo PowerElectronic Gaming MonthlyEGM April Fools' jokesVideo game console

Question 3: In 2049, the human population of ________ embarks on a migratory voyage to try to colonize other planets.

Question 4: Vectorman escapes, parachuting down to the planet to battle with the Earth's multitudinous enemy; mutant ________.

Question 5: It was released on the Wii Virtual Console on February 27, 2007 in ________ and April 5, 2007 in Europe, and in North America on September 22, 2008.
United KingdomCanadaCambodiaJapan

Question 6: Vectorman was considered the answer to Nintendo's ________ at the time, as they both used graphical tricks to look beyond what the console could do.
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Donkey Kong CountryDiddy Kong Racing

Question 7: They leave mechanical "orbots" to clean up the mess they made on Earth through ________ and pollution.

Question 8: The original name of the villain, Warhead, was Raster (as in raster graphics, the opposite of ________).
Computer graphicsVector graphicsBézier curveScalable Vector Graphics

Question 9: Vectorman is a series of run and gun platform games developed by BlueSky Software and published by ________ for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.
SegaSonyMitsubishi ElectricNintendo

Question 10: It was released on October 24, 1995 in North America[1] and on November 30, 1995 in ________.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansEurope

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