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Vector (epidemiology): Quiz


Question 1: ________ parasites then infect the host through the saliva of the sand fly.

Question 2: Phlebotomine sand flies transmit leishmaniasis, ________ and pappataci fever.
BartonellosisCarrion's diseaseRocky Mountain spotted feverBartonella bacilliformis

Question 3: Triatomine bugs are vectors of ________
LeishmaniasisVisceral leishmaniasisChagas diseaseAfrican trypanosomiasis

Question 4: In ________, a vector is an insect or any living carrier that transmits an infectious agent.
NutritionHuman nutritionPublic healthEpidemiology

Question 5: Most commonly known vectors consist of ________, domestic animals, or mammals that assist in transmitting parasitic organisms to humans or other mammals.

Question 6: Triatomine bugs are responsible for the transmission of a trypanosome, ________, which causes Chagas' Disease.
Trypanosoma cruziTrypanosoma bruceiTrichomonas vaginalisChagas disease

Question 7: Pool feeders such as the sand fly and black fly, vectors for ________ and Onchocerciasis respectively, will chew a well in the host's skin, forming a small pool of blood from which they feed.
Chagas diseaseLeishmaniasisAfrican trypanosomiasisVisceral leishmaniasis

Question 8: The ________ mosquito, a vector for Malaria, Filariasis and various arthropod-borne-viruses (arboviruses), inserts its delicate mouthpart under the skin and feeds on its hosts blood.


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