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Vasubandhu: Quiz


Question 1: Thich ________ Transformation at the Base (subtitle) Fifty Verses on the Nature of Consciousness, Parallax Press, Berkeley, 2001; inspired in part by Vasubandhu and his Twenty Verses and Thirty Verses texts
Edward ConzeShunryu SuzukiAjahn ChahThich Nhat Hanh

Question 2: Vasubandu is said to have trained in the Vaibhāṣika-Sarvāstivādin when he initially studied Vaibhashika-Sarvāstivādin ________, as presented in the Mahā-vibhāsa.
BuddhismBuddhaghosaAbhidharmaKhuddaka Nikaya

Question 3: In the ________ branch of Buddhism, he is considered the Second Patriarch.
HōnenJōdo ShinshūShinranBuddhism in Japan

Question 4: Born a ________[1] Vasubandhu was said to have been the half brother of Asanga, another key personage in the founding of the Yogacara School.
BrahminBhumiharBiharUttar Pradesh

Question 5: Vasubandhu contributed to ________ and is held to have been the origin of 'formal logic' in the Dharmic logico-epistemological tradition.
Buddhist logicBuddhismDzogchenBuddhist philosophy

Question 6: Vasubandhu was particularly interested in 'logic' to fortify his contributions to the traditions of dialectical contestability and ________.
British Parliamentary StyleDebateAmerican Parliamentary Debate AssociationEnglish-Speaking Union

Question 7: He resided at Kausambhi in Gandhāra (near modern ________) where he was trained in the orthodox Sarvastivada Order of Buddhism, which had its seat at Kausambhi.


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