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Vassal: Quiz


Question 1: Then they would be required to send ________ and goods to the Mongols to show their submission essentially.
Song DynastyMing DynastyHan DynastyTribute

Question 2: [5] Lordship is the basic social institution of the uprooted Germanic societies, as Tacitus described them in Germania and the Roman West experienced them firsthand in the ________.
Germanic peoplesByzantine EmpireMigration periodEarly Middle Ages

Question 3: The irreducible unit within these "tribes", which were in fact often assemblages of mixed culture (see ________), was the comitatus or gefolge, "the Germanic war band as described by Tacitus and in Beowulf...
Germanic peoplesSuebiAlamanniFranks

Question 4: By contrast, an apparent comparable example from the East, like the general ________, still bore the aura of imperial legitimacy that the Western warlords could afford to ignore.
Gothic War (535–554)BelisariusJustinian IByzantine Empire

Question 5: The Mongols during the ________ period created vassal states out of cities they wanted to conquer.
Mongol EmpireGolden HordeIlkhanateYuan Dynasty

Question 6: The ________ kings of the 7th century dignified their personal retainers as antrustiones (Cantor 1993, p.198).
PippinidsCapetian dynastyJulio-Claudian dynastyMerovingian dynasty

Question 7: nöken (plural: nöker) was the ________ term for a tribal leader acknowledging another as his liege
MonguorBorjiginKalmyk peopleMongols

Question 8: ________, Scottish Clan treaties of offensive and defensive alliance
Clan MackayClan DonaldClan CameronManrent

Question 9: The development of the vassal, in a society that was increasingly organised around the concept of "lordship"— in French the seigneur— provides one of the threads by which the onlooker can see the ________ evolving out of Late Antiquity.
Early Middle AgesKievan Rus'High Middle AgesByzantine Empire

Question 10: As the example of the ________ demonstrated to the Romanised world that cavalry superseded a melee of fighting men on foot in determining the outcome of battles, the cost of maintenance of a mounted and increasingly armoured fighting force was inflated.
Attila the HunByzantine EmpireBulgarsHuns


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