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Vasco da Gama: Quiz


Question 1:
When did Vasco da Gama die?

Question 2:
Where did Vasco da Gama die?

Question 3:

Question 4:
What did Vasco da Gama do for a living?
Explorer, Governor of Portuguese India
Politician, Abolitionist and Governor of the Bank of England
Governing governor
Former School Governor

Question 5: In the 1460s he was a knight in the household of the Duke of ________, Dom Fernando.

Question 6:
How is Vasco da Gama described?
leading American cave explorer and author of books about caves
Portuguese explorer
Antarctic Explorer

Question 7: For a short time in 1524 he was Governor of Portuguese India under the title of ________.
PortugalSpanish EmpireViceroyAudiencia

Question 8: The ________ had gained control over much of the trade routes between Europe and Asia.
ItalyHistory of ItalyRepublic of VeniceHistory of the Republic of Venice

Question 9: South African musician ________ recorded an anti-colonialist song entitled "Vasco da Gama (The Sailor Man)", which contains the lyrics "Vasco da Gama was no friend of mine".
Miriam MakebaLadysmith Black MambazoJazzHugh Masekela

Question 10: The Portuguese ________, the Lusíadas of Luís Vaz de Camões, largely concerns Vasco da Gama's voyages.
Georgia (country)National epicAzerbaijanRussia


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