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Vas deferens: Quiz


Question 1: The procedure of deferentectomy, also known as a vasectomy, is a method of ________ in which the vasa deferentia are permanently cut, though in some cases it can be reversed.
PregnancyBirth controlSafe sexCondom

Question 2: During ________ the smooth muscle in the walls of the vas deferens contracts reflexively, thus propelling the sperm forward.
Sexual intercourseOrgasmMasturbationEjaculation

Question 3: In ________, however, the archinephric duct has become a true vas deferens, and is used only for conducting sperm, never urine.

Question 4: Each tube is about 30 centimeters long (in humans) and is muscular (surrounded by ________).
Skeletal muscleCardiac muscleIntrafusal muscle fiberSmooth muscle

Question 5: The only vertebrates to lack any structure resembling a vas deferens are the primitive ________, which release sperm directly into the body cavity, and then into the surrounding water through a simple opening in the body wall.

Question 6: ________  (Urethral crest/Seminal colliculus/Prostatic utricle/Ejaculatory duct, Prostatic sinus/Prostatic ducts)
Seminal vesicleReproductive systemProstatePenis

Question 7: The vas deferens may be obstructed, or may be completely absent (the latter a potential feature of ________), causing male infertility.
PneumoniaCystic fibrosisCoeliac diseaseMalignant hyperthermia

Question 8: In cartilaginous fish and ________, sperm is carried through the archinephric duct, which also partially helps to transport urine from the kidneys.

Question 9: inguinalregion at The Anatomy Lesson by Wesley Norman (________) (testes)
Rutgers UniversitySyracuse UniversityGeorgetown UniversityGeorgetown Hoyas

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