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Varney the Vampire: Quiz


Question 1: The story concerns the troubles that Sir Francis Varney, a ________, inflicts upon the Bannerworths, a formerly wealthy family driven to ruin by their recently deceased father.
Vampire filmVampire literatureVampireVampire folklore by region

Question 2: It is ostensibly set in the early eighteenth century, but there are references to the ________ and other indications that the story is contemporary to the time in which it was written (1845-47).
Napoleon INapoleonic WarsFirst French EmpireGrande Armée

Question 3: Varney was a major influence on later vampire fiction, particularly Dracula (1897) by ________.
Abbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinBram StokerDracula: Dead and Loving ItAbraham Van Helsing

Question 4: The makers of ________ were also influenced by this story.
Marvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Animation

Question 5: In the Marvel Universe, "Varnae" is the name of the first vampire, created by the people of ________ before it sank.

Question 6: Chillingworth) applies galvanism to Varney's ________ corpse and revives him.
Capital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishmentHanging

Question 7: He tries to save himself, but is unable and ultimately commits suicide by throwing himself into ________, after having left a written account of his origin with a sympathetic priest.
Mount RainierMount VesuviusVolcanoMount Etna


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