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Question 1:
Who of the following is an editor of Variety (magazine)?
Timothy M. Gray
Mike Throne
Christopher Schultz
David Miers

Question 2:
What is the frequency of Variety (magazine)?
monthly ; weekly online Ahead-of-Print
Weekly and Daily
was bi-monthly print; now weekly online
Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly

Question 3:
What company publishes Variety (magazine)?
Brian McCristall
Brian Cooper
Brian Gott
Brian Priester

Question 4: The magazine is owned by Reed Business Information, a division of ________, with three print editions and a website.
Royal Dutch ShellReed ElsevierOld MutualUnilever

Question 5:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Variety (magazine)?

Question 6:

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Variety (magazine) have?
How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?
Maligawila Buddha statue
Liviu's Dream

Question 8:
Who of the following has been president of Variety (magazine)?
Andrew Mytelka, Board of Trustees President
Neil R Stiles
Enrico De Nicola
Mihai Ghimpu

Question 9: In late 2008, Variety moved its Los Angeles offices to a high-rise office building on ________ in the heart of the Miracle Mile area.
Sepulveda BoulevardWilshire BoulevardPico BoulevardOlympic Boulevard (Los Angeles)

Question 10: Daily Variety's down-the-street competitor is ________.
William WilkersonThe Hollywood ReporterHollywood blacklistUnited States


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