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Question 1: define dialect as, "A regional or social variety of a language characterized by its own ________, syntactic, and lexical properties."[3] The term dialect is often associated with regional varieties of speech.
Irish phonologyInternational Phonetic AlphabetPhonologyEnglish phonology

Question 2: This shift is similar to metaphorical ________, but since it involves styles or registers, is considered an example of style shifting.
Language contactCode-switchingMorphology (linguistics)Variety (linguistics)

Question 3: An idiolect is defined as "the language use typical of an individual person."[12] An individual's idiolect may be affected by contact with various regional or social dialects, professional registers, and in the case of ________, various languages.
Spanish languageGerman languageMultilingualismEnglish language

Question 4: This may include ________, accents, registers, styles or other sociolinguistic variation, as well as the standard language variety itself.
English languageDialectDialect continuumGerman language

Question 5: [1] More recently, sociolinguists have adopted the concept of the ________, a group of people who develop shared knowledge and shared norms of interaction, as the social group within which dialects develop and change.
Community of practiceNetwork of practiceOrganizational learningKnowledge management

Question 6: In sociolinguistics a variety, also called a lect, is a form of a ________ used by speakers of that language.
SemanticsGottfried LeibnizLanguageAristotle

Question 7: In some cases, an official body, such as the Académie française, describe the ________ and usage of a standard variety.
SyntaxGenerative grammarGrammarLinguistics

Question 8: Consider the following telephone call to the Cuban Interest Section in ________.
Phoenix, ArizonaWashington, D.C.BostonAtlanta


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