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Varieties of Arabic: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, phonetic stress is often not recognizable.
Moroccan ArabicLibyan ArabicArabic languageEgyptian Arabic

Question 2: In modern times, the spoken dialects of people throughout the Arab world differ notably from the ________ and from each other.
Modern Standard ArabicAncient North ArabianEgyptian ArabicArabic language

Question 3: ________ also cannot tolerate long vowels followed by two consonants, and shorten them.
Arabic languageEgyptian ArabicMaghrebi ArabicModern Standard Arabic

Question 4: In one Arabic-speaking town in ________, they become /f, v/.
Turkish peopleCyprusTurkeyCroatia

Question 5: Compare the similar development of shel in ________.
Hebrew languageSamaritan Hebrew languageBiblical HebrewMishnaic Hebrew

Question 6: In the dialect of southern ________ (including Riyadh), the second singular masculine /-ta/ has been retained, but takes the form of a long vowel rather than a short one as in Classical Arabic.
NajdMedinaHa'ilSaudi Arabia

Question 7: In much of the ________, a phonemic distinction has emerged between plain and emphatic r, thanks to the merging of short vowels.
MaghrebFrench colonial empireFrench GuianaNewfoundland (island)

Question 8: Tunisian Arabic lacks an indicative prefix, and therefore does not have this distinction, along with Maltese and at least some varieties of Algerian and ________.
Arabic languageEgyptian ArabicMoroccan ArabicLibyan Arabic

Question 9: This has led to the suggestion, first articulated by Charles Ferguson, that a simplified ________ developed in the army staging camps in Iraq, from whence the remaining parts of the modern Arab world were conquered.
Koine GreekAncient GreekGreek languageAncient Greek dialects

Question 10: ت taa (CA /t/) (but not emphatic ط Taa (CA /tˤ/)) is affricated to /tˢ/ in ________; this is still distinguishable from the sequence /ts/.
Arabic languageEgyptian ArabicMoroccan ArabicLibyan Arabic


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