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Variable number tandem repeat: Quiz


Question 1: A Variable Number Tandem Repeat (or VNTR) is a location in a ________ where a short nucleotide sequence is organized as a tandem repeat.

Question 2: There are two principal families of VNTRs: ________ and minisatellites.
MicrosatelliteAlu sequenceRetrotransposonTransposon

Question 3: Their analysis is useful in genetics and biology research, forensics, and ________.
Expert witnessCompetence (law)DNA profilingReal evidence

Question 4: Confusing this distinction is the recent use of the terms Short Tandem Repeat (STR) and ________ (SSR), which are more descriptive, but whose definitions are similar to that of microsatellites.
TransposonMinisatelliteAlu sequenceMicrosatellite

Question 5: These can be found on many ________, and often show variations in length between individuals.
ChromosomeChromosomal translocationKaryotypeAutosome


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