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Question 1: Variable Geo (ヴァリアブル・ジオ ?), also known as V.G., is a Japanese 2D ________ series developed by Technical Group Labroratory (also known as TGL) and Giga.
Light gun shooterBeat 'em upPlatform gameFighting game

Question 2: To that end, she has tirelessly spent her spare time practicing amateur ________ and attempting to copy Yuka's various techniques.
AikidoKarateMartial artsOkinawan martial arts

Question 3: The first game in the series largely ignored a major storyline in favor of focusing more on the fighting system and ________ sequences.

Question 4: Yumiko Watanuki: The first of Kotoe's bodyguards who specializes in ________.
Chinese martial artsXingyiquanShaolin Kung FuNorthern Praying Mantis (martial art)

Question 5: It focuses on an all-female martial arts competition where participants are required to promote various ________ by acting as waitresses when not fighting.
Fast food restaurantBuffetCoffeehouseTypes of restaurants

Question 6:
Variable Geo, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Inazuma Eleven are all:
PlayStation games Japan-exclusive video games Eroge Windows games

Question 7:
Variable Geo, Fate/stay night and Princess Lover! are all:
PlayStation games Versus fighting games DOS games Eroge

Question 8: ________ and Reimi Jahana serve as the game's sub and final boss characters respectively unless the player is controlling one of them, in which case Yuka takes the place of the player-controlled character.
Asuka 120%Variable GeoBishōjo gameStreet Fighter

Question 9: An update to V.G. Rebirth which includes nearly every other non-boss character (Ayako Yuuki is absent as she is a ________) as an option to pair with the player.
Third genderHomosexualitySexual orientationLesbian

Question 10: Among her various arms are a ________, chain whip, guan dao, spiked mace, and a seemingly endless supply of grenades.

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