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Question 1: Languages that support variable interpolation include Perl, ________, Ruby, and most Unix shells.
Python (programming language)PHPJava (programming language)Lua (programming language)

Question 2: In ________, the sigils $, @, %, and & indicate scalar, array, hash, and subroutine variables, respectively.
PerlPHPPython (programming language)Lua (programming language)

Question 3: In ________ languages such as Python, it is values, not variables, which carry type.
C (programming language)Primitive data typeReference (computer science)Type system

Question 4: Depending on the ________ of a programming language, variables may only be able to store a specified datatype (e.g.
Reference (computer science)Type systemPrimitive data typeC (programming language)

Question 5: In ________ variables can refer to cells (e.g. CalcGnumericMicrosoft ExcelSpreadsheet

Question 6: However, this is different from the polymorphism used in object-oriented function calls (referred to as ________ in C++) which resolves the call based on the value type as opposed to the supertypes the variable is allowed to have.
Java (programming language)Virtual functionMethod (computer science)Object-oriented programming

Question 7: In ________, both situations exist simultaneously: a variable is given a type (if undeclared, it is assumed to be T, the universal supertype) which exists at compile time.
PerlC (programming language)Lisp (programming language)Common Lisp

Question 8: Common techniques for doing so are to have different sections of a program use different namespaces, or to make individual variables "private" through either ________ or lexical variable scoping.
Scope (programming)Lisp (programming language)Variable (programming)Closure (computer science)

Question 9: For instance, a variable with "lexical scope" is meaningful only within a certain block of statements or ________.
Programming languageC (programming language)Assembly languageSubroutine

Question 10: In computer source code, a variable name is one way to bind a variable to a memory location; the corresponding value is stored as a ________ in that location so that the object can be accessed and manipulated later via the variable's name.
Programming paradigmObject (computer science)Service-oriented architectureObject-oriented programming


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