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Vaporware: Quiz


Question 1: ________ was released to savage reviews in 1999, due to numerous bugs, unbalanced gameplay and high system requirements.
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssUltima IX: AscensionUltima VIIUltima Online

Question 2: At the time of its announcement, the Apple II had the largest software library of any ________, while the Commodore 64 was a relative newcomer.
MicrocomputerPersonal computerMicrocontrollerHome computer

Question 3: ________
NintendoList of commercial failures in video gaming3DO Interactive MultiplayerPrince of Persia

Question 4: The ________ angle to "releasing" vaporware can be two-fold.
Business marketingMarketing managementAdvertisingMarketing

Question 5: One example is the video game ________, which began development in 1997.
Duke Nukem ForeverDoom 3Duke Nukem 3DDuke Nukem (character)

Question 6: Vaporware describes a product, usually ________, that has been announced by a developer during or before its development, if there is significant doubt whether the product will actually be released.
Java (programming language)LinuxComputerComputer software

Question 7: One of the most infamous pieces of vaporware was ________, which was originally scheduled for release in 1997.
Duke Nukem ForeverDuke Nukem (character)Duke Nukem 3DDoom 3

Question 8: On the other, the intent is also to judge the public reaction from the "release" and prepare a concrete ________.
Marketing researchMarketing planBrand managementMarketing management

Question 9: Another classic example of vaporware is Turbo Pascal for the ________ computer which was announced when Borland placed a full page advertisement in the Fall 1985 premier edition of AmigaWorld magazine.
AmigaAmiga 1200Amiga 4000Amiga 4000T

Question 10: In that case, Rareware was purchased by ________, essentially preventing it from producing any more console games in the Donkey Kong franchise, which is owned by Microsoft rival Nintendo.
MicrosoftMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft OfficeInternet Explorer


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