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Vanishing Point (1971 film): Quiz


Question 1: The whole way, Kowalski has his radio tuned to the station KOW, which is broadcasting out of ________.
Goldfield, NevadaTonopah, NevadaElko, NevadaReno, Nevada

Question 2: "Welcome to Nevada" - ________ - 1:52 (Barnhill/Lanier)
Chet AtkinsBobby BareJoe SouthJerry Reed

Question 3: After seeing the ________, he turns around, only to run into three patrol cars further up the road.
Caterpillar Inc.Heavy equipment (construction)ExcavatorBulldozer

Question 4: Vanishing Point is notable for its scenery from filming locations across the ________ and its social commentary on the post-Woodstock mood in the United States.
Southern United StatesWestern United StatesSouthwestern United StatesGreat Plains

Question 5: [11] In his review for the ________, Charles Champlin wrote, "Vanishing Point might have had a point, but it ...
KTLASam ZellChicago TribuneLos Angeles Times

Question 6: Near the ________ state line, Kowalski is helped by a hippie biker and his nude girlfriend, who has followed Kowalski's police career and made a collage of articles about his story.
Los AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaCaliforniaSacramento, California

Question 7: A blind ________ DJ at KOW known as Super Soul listens to the police radio frequency and encourages Kowalski to evade the police.
African AmericanGreat Migration (African American)African American cultureAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)

Question 8: [11] The film stars ________ as Jimmy Kowalski (in this version, the character has a first name).
Ian McKellenViggo MortensenSean PennDenmark

Question 9: In the UK release of the film, Kowalski then picks up a mysterious hitchhiker (played by ________).
EnglandDirk BogardeKeira KnightleyCharlotte Rampling

Question 10: Vanishing Point was the inspiration for the 1997 album by ________, also titled Vanishing Point.
Bobby GillespieBeautiful FuturePrimal ScreamScreamadelica

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