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Vanguard party: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ continued to regard itself as the institutionalization of Marxist-Leninist consciousness in the Soviet Union, and therein lay the justification for the controls it exercised over Soviet society.
CommunismCommunist Party of the Soviet UnionEast GermanyMarxism

Question 2: Trotsky, a believer in the worldwide ________, thought that a vanguard party must be a global coalition from many nations if it were to be successful in its fight against capitalism.
Fourth InternationalLeon TrotskyTrotskyismPermanent revolution

Question 3: Lenin also argued that the ________ in capitalist society prevented the emergence of proletarian class consciousness.
Karl MarxSurplus valueCapitalismDivision of labour

Question 4: However, the exact role of the vanguard party as outlined by Lenin is disputed by the modern ________ movement.
Communist stateMarxismCommunismSocialism

Question 5: Lenin's ideas about the proletarian revolutionary party differed from the ideas of ________.
MarxismSocialismJeremy BenthamKarl Marx

Question 6: Leon Trotsky, a contemporary of Lenin, further established the idea of a vanguard party through the creation of the ________.
Fourth InternationalMarxismTitoismProletarian revolution

Question 7: A vanguard party is a ________ at the forefront of a mass action, movement, or revolution.
PoliticsIdeologyPolitical partyParliamentary system

Question 8: The idea of a vanguard party was developed by ________, most prominently in What is to be Done?, a political pamphlet first published in 1902.
Nikita KhrushchevAlexander KerenskyVladimir LeninJoseph Stalin

Question 9: According to Marx, the ________, merely by following its own instincts, would gain rational insight into its plight as the downtrodden product of capitalism.
Working classMiddle classSocial classUpper class


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