Vandalism: Quiz


Question 1: Some vandalism may qualify as ________ or sniggling: it is thought by some to be artistic in nature even though carried out illegally or without the property owner's permission.
Culture jammingSubvertisingThe Yes MenAdbusters

Question 2: ________'s attempt, during the 1871 Paris Commune, to dismantle the Vendôme column, a symbol of the past Napoleon III authoritarian Empire, was one of the most celebrated events of vandalism.
Western paintingGustave CourbetÉdouard ManetJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Question 3: [1] Such action includes criminal damage, defacement, graffiti and crass erection of an ________.
EyesoreSan FranciscoMelbourneLondon

Question 4: After the assault on the Paris Commune by ________, Gustave Courbet was condemned to pay part of the expenses.
Adolphe ThiersArmand FallièresAlexandre MillerandRaymond Poincaré

Question 5: Vandalism in the UK is construed as an environmental crime and may be punished with an ________ (Anti-Social Behaviour Order).
Anti-Social Behaviour OrderUnited KingdomEnglandAnti-social Behaviour Act 2003

Question 6: Actions of this kind can be ascribed to anger or envy, or to spontaneous, opportunistic behaviour– possibly for peer acceptance or bravado in ________ cultures, or disgruntlement with the target (victim) person or society.
Serbian mafiaChicago OutfitOrganized crimeGang

Question 7: As destruction of monument, vandalism can only have sense in a culture respecting history, ________ - Nietzsche spoke of monumental history.
ArchaeologyCivil engineeringMiningEngineering

Question 8: Vandalism is the behaviour attributed to the ________, by the Romans, in respect of culture: ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable.
Germanic peoplesFranksVandalsSuebi

Question 9: An excellent example of one who walks this threefold line is Bristol born guerrilla-artist ________, who is revered as a cult artistic figure by most people.

Question 10: There is still, however, a very fine line between vandalism as an artform, as a political statement, and as a ________.

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