Vancouver: Quiz


Question 1: [33] The rise of industrial tensions throughout the province led to Canada's first general strike in 1918, at the Cumberland coal mines on ________.
Port Alberni, British ColumbiaVictoria, British ColumbiaVancouver IslandEsquimalt, British Columbia

Question 2:
Where is Vancouver?
Located at Keflavu00EDk International Airport, Iceland
1555 Burtch Road, Kelowna, B.C., Canada
Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, BC
Ashwell Road at Hodgins Road, Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

Question 3: Vancouver has one of the largest urban parks in North America, ________, which covers 404.9 hectares (1001 acres).
Granville IslandCommercial Drive, VancouverChinatown, VancouverStanley Park

Question 4: Two of the claimants were ________ manufacturers, and after further investigation, King found that white women were reportedly frequenting opium dens as well as Chinese men.

Question 5: Similarly, various Indo-Canadian artists and actors have a profile in ________ or other aspects of India's entertainment industry.
South Asian cinemaAsian cinemaBengali cinemaBollywood

Question 6:

Question 7: [8] The Chinese are by far the largest visible ethnic group in the city, and Vancouver has a very diverse Chinese-speaking community, with several dialects represented, including ________ and Mandarin.
CantoneseCantonese (Yue)Hakka (language)Taishanese

Question 8: The ________ grants certificates, diplomas, and degrees in art and design, while the Vancouver Film School provides a one-year curriculum in film production.
Rhode Island School of DesignPratt InstituteAlberta College of Art and DesignEmily Carr University of Art and Design

Question 9: Though polarized, a political ________ has emerged in Vancouver around a number of issues.
Consensus decision-makingLibertarian socialismConsensusDemocracy

Question 10: Fairchild Group also has two television stations: ________ and Talentvision, serving Cantonese and Mandarin speaking audiences respectively.

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