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Vanadium: Quiz


Question 1: [7] It is ________ in air at about 933 K (660 °C, 1220 °F), although an oxide layer forms even at room temperature.

Question 2: Vanadium (pronounced /vəˈneɪdiəm/, və-NAY-dee-əm) is the chemical element with the symbol V and ________ 23.
HafniumLanthanumAtomic numberPeriodic table

Question 3: Vanadium-bearing ________ iron ore is the main source for the production of vanadium.

Question 4: It is a soft, silvery gray, ________ transition metal.

Question 5: In 2007 these three countries mined more than 95 % of the 58,600 ________ of produced vanadium.
TonneUnited States customary unitsKilogramMetric system

Question 6: Vanadium is also present in bauxite and in fossil fuel deposits such as crude oil, ________, oil shale and tar sands.
Wind powerHydroelectricityGrid energy storageCoal

Question 7: Vanadium is mined mostly in South Africa, north-western ________, and eastern Russia.
Time in ChinaChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 8: Naturally occurring vanadium is composed of one stable ________ 51V and one radioactive isotope 50V.
TechnetiumStable nuclideIsotopeAtom

Question 9: In this ________, sulfur is oxidized from +4 to +6, and vanadium is reduced from +5 to +3:

Question 10: Andrés Manuel del Río discovered vanadium in 1801 by analyzing the mineral ________, and named it erythronium.


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