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Vampire literature: Quiz


Question 1: Vampire literature covers the spectrum of literary work concerned principally with the subject of ________.
VampireVampire folklore by regionVampire filmRomania

Question 2: Unlike the historical personage, however, Stoker located his Count Dracula in a castle near the Borgo Pass in ________, and ascribed to that area the supernatural aura it retains to this day in the popular imagination.

Question 3: He is guiding an invasion of rats in ________ and he sucks the blood of his human victims.
De Haan, BelgiumKnokke-HeistBlankenbergeOstend

Question 4: In the novel, the vampire hunter Van Helsing prescribes that a vampire be destroyed by a wooden stake (preferably made of white oak) through the heart, ________, drowning, or incineration.
HangingCapital punishmentDecapitationTorture

Question 5: Heathcliff in Emily Brontë's ________ (1847), is suspected by his housekeeper of being a vampire, in the final chapter of that novel.
Villette (novel)Charlotte BrontëJane EyreWuthering Heights

Question 6: Manor by ________ (1884).
Karl Heinrich UlrichsUranianLGBT social movementsBerlin

Question 7: Proinsias Cassidy, the supporting lead male in ________'s comic book series Preacher (DC/Vertigo, 1995), is a vampire of Irish origin.
The Punisher: Frank CastlePunisherGarth EnnisGarth Ennis bibliography

Question 8: The occult detective sub-genre is represented by Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden fantasy series (2000–), and ________'s Southern Vampire Mysteries (2001–).
The Southern Vampire MysteriesCharlaine HarrisBill Compton (The Southern Vampire Mysteries)Adele Stackhouse

Question 9: ________ (1928) The Vampire: His Kith and Kin, (book reprinted with alternate title: Vampires and Vampirism ISBN 0-486-43996-8).
Montague SummersBristolGothic fictionEngland

Question 10: A later German poem exploring the same subject with a prominent vampiric element was The Bride of Corinth (1797) by ________, a story about a young woman who returns from the grave to seek her betrothed:
Johann Wolfgang von GoetheRichard WagnerRomanticismFriedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher

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