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Vampire: Quiz


Question 1: [80] ________ hung backwards behind or near a door was thought to ward off vampiric beings in South American superstition.
CubaKenyaAloe veraMorocco

Question 2: In early 1970 local press spread rumors that a vampire haunted ________ in London.
Highgate CemeteryAbney Park CemeteryWest Norwood CemeteryEast Finchley Cemetery

Question 3: A vampire is the manifestation of an ________ possessing a decomposing body.
JesusUnclean spiritNew TestamentBible

Question 4:
What role did Kevin Zegers play in the movie Vampire?
Harry Kilcoyne
Prince Anton Voytek
John Rawlins

Question 5:
Who played Mina the movie Vampire?
Yû Aoi
Yû Aoi
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Adelaide Clemens

Question 6:
What role did Jessica Walter play in the movie Vampire?
Leslie Rawlins
Nicole DeCamp

Question 7:
Who played John Rawlins the movie Vampire?
Jason Miller
E.G. Marshall
Jason Miller
Kevin Zegers

Question 8:
Who played Renfield the movie Vampire?
Jason Miller
Kevin Zegers
Trevor Morgan
Richard Lynch

Question 9: In the Balkans a vampire could also be killed by being shot or drowned, by repeating the funeral service, by sprinkling holy water on the body, or by ________.
Demonic possessionExorcismNear death experienceGhost

Question 10:
Who played Prince Anton Voytek the movie Vampire?
Richard Lynch
Jason Miller
Kevin Zegers
Richard Lynch

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