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Value added tax: Quiz


Question 1: The fundamentals of ________ suggest that any tax raises the cost of transaction for someone, whether it is the seller or purchaser.
Supply and demandKeynesian economicsMicroeconomicsNeoclassical economics

Question 2: ________ had already adopted it on 1 April 2004.
HaryanaDelhiPanchkulaUttar Pradesh

Question 3: In the United States, the state of ________ used a form of VAT known as the "Single Business Tax" (SBT) as its form of general business taxation.

Question 4: The ________ ("EU VAT") is a value added tax encompassing member states in the European Union Value Added Tax Area.
European Union Value Added TaxFranceBelgiumPortugal

Question 5: In September, 1966, the first attempt to apply the IVA took place when revenue experts declared that the IVA should be a modern equivalent of the sales tax as it occurred in ________.
CanadaFranceItalyUnited Kingdom

Question 6: Note 3: These taxes do not apply in ________ and Macau, which are financially independent as special administrative regions.
Hong KongPhilippinesUnited StatesMalta

Question 7: In raising the cost, either the ________ shifts leftward, or the supply curve shifts upward.
EconomicsDemand curveConsumer theorySupply and demand

Question 8: That makes Denmark one of the countries with the highest value added tax, alongside ________ and Sweden.
United StatesPolandNorwayGermany

Question 9: This article is part of the series:
________ and Taxation
FinanceDebtFinancial marketBond (finance)

Question 10: It is the only state in the ________ to have used a VAT.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines


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