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Question 1: In many ________ it is the product of value and intensity that is ultimately desirable, i.e.
Life stanceReligionSecular humanismAtheism

Question 2: In the subjective theory of value, the ________ a person puts in possessing something is reflected in what economic value this person puts on it.
AristotleValue (ethics)Free willGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 3: A value system is a set of ________ ethic values and measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity.
ConsistencyMathematical logicFirst-order logicAxiom

Question 4: There is a distinction between relative (or personal or cultural value) and absolute (or noumenal) value (not to be confused with mathematical ________).
Euclidean spaceAbsolute valueComplex numberVector space

Question 5: Philosophic value may be split into ________ and intrinsic values.
Felicific calculusUtilitarianismValue theoryInstrumental value

Question 6: In these cases, the sum of instrumental (specifically the ________) and instrinsic value of an object may be regarded as the whole value of the object.
Felicific calculusInstrumental valueIntrinsic value (ethics)Value (ethics)

Question 7: Philosophic or ethic value duration is the ________ that an object exists, or more specifically, has any intensity.
Islamic calendarTimeGeologic time scaleGregorian calendar

Question 8: The average ethic or philosophic value is the ________ of the ethic or philosophic value of an object during a certain amount of time.
Standard deviationMeanArithmetic meanAverage

Question 9: Alternatively described, it is the sum of the total intrinsic value and ________.
Instrumental valueFelicific calculusValue (ethics)Intrinsic value (ethics)

Question 10: Ethical value may be regarded as a study under ________, which, in turn, may be grouped as philosophy.


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