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Valravn: Quiz


Question 1: Grimm proposes an ________ equivalent to the Danish valravn; *walahraban.
Old High GermanMiddle High GermanProto-GermanicOld English

Question 2: Other accounts describe valravns as monsters that are half-________ and half-raven.
CoyoteGray WolfRaccoonCougar

Question 3: According to ________, in his 1844 work Deutsche Mythologie, the "vilde ravn or vilde valravn" ("wild raven or wild Valravn") take "exactly the place of the diabolical trold" in Danish folk songs.
Jacob GrimmGrimm's lawWilhelm GrimmBrothers Grimm

Question 4: As a result, the valravn transforms into a ________.


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