Vallejo, California: Quiz

Question 1:
What type of subdivision is Vallejo, California?

Question 2:
What is the motto of Vallejo, California?
City of Promise
The City Between the Lakes
City of Opportunity
"Small Town Pride, Big City Opportunities"

Question 3: The San Andreas Fault and ________ are the most active faults, even though the San Andreas is at some distance.
Oakland, CaliforniaBerkeley, CaliforniaHayward Fault ZoneSan Francisco Bay Area

Question 4:
Which of the following places is northeast of Vallejo, California?

Question 5: ________ service runs from a terminal on Mare Island Strait to San Francisco, through Vallejo Transit's BayLink division.
Zero-fare public transportCable ferryFerryHovercraft

Question 6:
What is the total area of Vallejo, California in square km?

Question 7:
Which of the following is Southwest of Vallejo, California?

Question 8:
What time offset in UTC is Vallejo, California in during daylight savings?

Question 9:
When was Vallejo, California established?
13th century

Question 10:
What is the leader of Vallejo, California called?

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