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Question 1: If there is a small forbidden zone then the flow of electron from valence to conduction band is only possible if an external energy (thermal etc.) is supplied and these groups with small Eg are called ________.
Condensed matter physicsQuantum mechanicsPhysicsSemiconductor

Question 2: On a graph of the electronic band structure of a material, the valence band is located below the conduction band, separated from it in insulators and semiconductors by a ________.
SiliconGallium arsenideBand gapSolar cell

Question 3: In ________, the conduction band has no energy gap separating it from the valence band.
NonmetalNoble gasHalogenMetal

Question 4: If (rd) is large or the orbitals are of large energy level then there may be small overlapping or no overlapping leaving a ________ (Eg).
Gallium arsenideSemiconductorElectronic band structureBand gap

Question 5: In a three-dimensional (3D) metal structure of Li, the ________ formation starts from the lower energy level orbitals, i.e.
Molecular orbitalMolecular orbital theoryHartree–Fock methodElectron configuration

Question 6: If the Eg is sufficiently high then flow of electron from valence to conduction band become negligible under normal conditions, these groups are called ________.
CapacitorElectric currentTransformerInsulator (electrical)

Question 7: For example lithium (Li) atoms with ________ 1s22s1 can form only one covalent bond.
Noble gasElectron configurationOxygenHydrogen

Question 8: In solids, the valence band is the highest range of electron energies where electrons are normally present at ________ temperature.
Thermodynamic temperatureEntropyAbsolute zeroCarbon

Question 9: The valence electrons are bound to individual ________, as opposed to conduction electrons (found in conductors and semiconductors), which can move freely within the atomic lattice of the material.

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