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Vajrayana: Quiz


Question 1: On the same mission in 804, ________ also sent monk Kūkai to the Tang Dynasty capital at Chang'an (present-day Xi'an).
Emperor SagaEmperor NinmyōEmperor KammuEmperor Heizei

Question 2: In the next stage of completion, one engages in practices with the subtle energy system of the body (________ and energy channels etc.) to actualize the physical and mental transformation into the meditation Buddha.
Lung (Tibetan Buddhism)BönAvalokiteśvaraChakra

Question 3: In the 11th century CE, ________ studied in Srivijaya under Serlingpa, an eminent Buddhist scholar and a prince of the Srivijayan ruling house.
Tibetan BuddhismMarpa LotsawaAtishaNaropa

Question 4: Mandalas are sacred enclosures, ________ that house and contain the uncontainable essence of a yidam.
Sacred architectureIslamic architectureGothic architectureMosque

Question 5: The lineage for Shingon Buddhism differs from that of Tibetan Vajrayana, having emerged from India and ________ (via China) and is based on earlier versions of the Indian texts than the Tibetan lineage.
SiberiaMiddle EastCentral AsiaSouth Asia

Question 6: In 747 the Indian master Padmasambhava traveled from ________ to bring Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet and Bhutan, at the request of the king of Tibet.
Non-Aligned MovementNATOAfghanistanCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 7: This was the original transmission which anchors the lineage of the ________ school.
DzogchenTibetan BuddhismKagyuNyingma

Question 8: ________ - Popular form of Chinese Vajrayana or "Secret School"
ZenShurangama MantraAmitābhaBuddhist texts

Question 9: A tantric ________, or teacher, is expected to keep his or her samaya vows in the same way as his students.
GuruHindu reform movementsGuru-shishya traditionA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Question 10: The Ngagpa Yogis from the ________ school keep a special lay ordination.
DzogchenKagyuNyingmaTibetan Buddhism

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