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Question 1: It is located 3 kilometres from the relic Stupa, and on its ground can be found the Ananda Stupa, with an ________ in very good condition (perhaps the only complete Asokan pillar left standing), and an ancient pond.
SarnathAshoka the GreatBodh GayaPillars of Ashoka

Question 2: Based on the information found in these texts, Vaishali was established as a republic by the ________, prior to the birth of Gautama Buddha in 563, making it the world's first republic [9].
8th century BC6th century BC7th century BC5th century BC

Question 3: Even before the advent of Buddhism and ________, Vaishali was the capital of the vibrant republican Licchavi state.
HinduismIndian religionsJainismJain philosophy

Question 4: ________ delivered his last sermon at Vaishali and announced his Parinirvana there.
Ashoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismGautama BuddhaBuddhism

Question 5: After his last discourse the Awakened One set out for ________, but the Licchavis kept following him.
KushinagarRajgirVaishali (ancient city)Bodh Gaya

Question 6: Vaishali was a stronghold of the Mahavira aka Niganthas, and it is said that of the forty two rainy seasons of the latter part of ________'s ascetic life, he passed twelve at Vesáli[26].

Question 7: This site can be identified with Deora in modern Kesariya village, where ________ later built a stupa.
Greco-BuddhismAshoka the GreatBuddhismSarnath

Question 8: Vaishali is also renowned as the land of Ambapali (also spelled as Amrapali), the great Indian ________, who appears in many folktales, as well as in Buddhist literature.
Mistress (lover)CicisbeoCourtesanWedding

Question 9: Outside the town, leading uninterruptedly up to the ________, was the Mahavana,[5] a large, natural forest.
Deccan PlateauWestern GhatsHimalayasHindu Kush

Question 10: After his last discourse the Awakened One set out for ________, but the Licchavis kept following him.
RajgirKushinagarVaishali (ancient city)Bodh Gaya


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