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Vagina: Quiz


Question 1: During sexual arousal, and particularly the stimulation of the ________, the walls of the vagina self-lubricate.
Clitoral erectionFemale ejaculationPenisClitoris

Question 2: Some women experience intense pleasure if the ________ is stimulated appropriately during sexual activity.
VaginaClitorisFemale ejaculationG-Spot

Question 3:
Vagina supplies nerves to which organ?
Sympathetic: lumbar splanchnic plexus
deep branch of ulnar nerve
Hypoglossal nerve

Question 4:
What vein is associated with the Vagina?
uterovaginal venous plexus, vaginal vein
common iliac veins
uterovaginal venous plexus, vaginal vein
branches of internal pudendal veins

Question 5: ________ can be contracted through the vagina during intercourse but is not associated with any local vaginal or vulval disease.
AIDSAIDS dementia complexICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesHerpes simplex

Question 6: The typical ulcer or sore caused by ________ is painless with raised edges.
Erythema chronicum migransMolluscum contagiosumHerpes simplexSyphilis

Question 7: In industrial societies, tampons, ________ and sanitary napkins may be used to absorb or capture these fluids.
Diaphragm (contraceptive)Menstrual cupMenstruationCervical cap

Question 8: If the woman stands upright, the vaginal tube points in an upward-backward direction and forms an ________ of slightly more than 45 degrees with the uterus.

Question 9: An erogenous zone referred to commonly as the ________ is located at the anterior wall of the vagina, about five centimeters in from the entrance.
Skene's glandClitorisG-SpotFemale ejaculation

Question 10: Vaginismus, not to be confused with ________, refers to an involuntary tightening of the vagina, due to a conditioned reflex of the muscles in the area.

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