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Vadodara: Quiz


Question 1: Finally, the kingdom was annexed by the Solanki ________.

Question 2: Major industries include petrochemicals, engineering, pharmaceuticals, plastics and ________.
Futures contractStock exchangeStock marketForeign exchange market

Question 3: Vadodara Airport (________: BDQ) is located north-east of the city.
International Air Transport AssociationAir CanadaPrecision AirCathay Pacific

Question 4:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Vadodara?
RP Priyadershi
Jose Jonathan Sanchez
Mayor pro tempore Rhodes Rigsby
Rabindranath Quinteros Lara

Question 5: After fierce battles, the region was taken over by the ________.
Rashtrakuta DynastyWestern Ganga DynastyChalukya dynastyWestern Chalukya Empire

Question 6: Gujarati, Marathi, ________ and English are the languages spoken in the city.
Punjabi languageHindiSanskritHindustani language

Question 7:
What is the nearest city to Vadodara?
22 miles, east

Question 8:
Which is currently the premier party of Vadodara?
Social and Liberal Democrats
Ruling Party
Socialist Alliance

Question 9:
When was Vadodara established?
Established 1950

Question 10: Baroda's more recent history began when the Maratha general Pilaji Gaekwad (or ________) conquered Songadh from the Mughal Empire in 1726.
BhonsleMaratha EmpireScindia familyGaekwad

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