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Vacuum pump: Quiz


Question 1: Building upon Galileo's notes, he built the first mercury ________ and wrote a convincing argument that the space at the top was a vacuum.
ThermometerWeather radarBarometerWeather forecasting

Question 2: Vessels lined with a highly gas-permeable material such as palladium (which is a high-capacity ________ sponge) create special outgassing problems.

Question 3: Achieving high vacuum is difficult because all of the materials exposed to the vacuum must be carefully evaluated for their outgassing and ________ properties.
Vapor pressurePartial pressureNitrogenOxygen

Question 4: The water absorption of ________ and palladium becomes an unacceptable source of outgassing, and even the absorptivity of hard metals such as stainless steel or titanium must be considered.

Question 5: ________ also helped Boyle produce an air pump which helped to produce the vacuum.
Robert HookeScientific revolutionChristopher WrenEngland

Question 6: To prevent the complete loss of instrumentation in the event of an ________ failure, the instrument panel is deliberately designed with certain instruments powered by electricity and other instruments powered by the vacuum source.
Electric chargeElectromagnetismElectric currentElectricity

Question 7: Some people believe that although Torricelli's experiment was crucial, it was ________'s experiments that proved the top space really contained vacuum.
Thomas AquinasJansenismDuns ScotusBlaise Pascal

Question 8: Ultra-high vacuum systems are usually made of ________ with metal-gasketed conflat flanges.
CopperSilverStainless steelGold

Question 9: This, in turn, led to the development of the ________.
Hot cathodeDiodeVacuum tubeX-ray

Question 10: A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial ________.
AlhazenVacuumOuter spaceUniverse


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