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Vaccinia: Quiz


Question 1: ACAM2000 was derived from a ________ of a Dryvax virus by plaque purification.

Question 2: Due to the present threat of smallpox-related ________, there is a possibility the vaccine may have to be widely administered again in the future.
2001 anthrax attacks1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attackBiological warfareBioterrorism

Question 3: [1] It has a linear, double-stranded ________ genome approximately 190 kbp in length, and which encodes for approximately 250 genes.

Question 4: Approximately one in one million individuals will develop a fatal response to the ________.
VaccinePolio vaccineVaccinationSmallpox vaccine

Question 5: IV: ________ (Severe acute respiratory syndrome)
Influenza A virusInfluenzaSARS coronavirusAIDS

Question 6: The boy was treated with ________, cidofovir, and an experimental drug being developed by SIGA Technologies[12].
ChemotherapyAntiviral drugImmunosuppressive drugIntravenous immunoglobulin

Question 7: Vaccinia virus is well-known for its role as a vaccine that eradicated the ________ disease, making it the first human disease to be successfully eradicated by science.

Question 8: The dimensions of the ________ are roughly 360 × 270 × 250 nm, with a weight of approximately 5-10 fg[2].
RotavirusHerpes simplex virusVirusAdenoviridae

Question 9: Vaccinia contains within its genome several proteins that give the virus resistance to ________.
Interferon-gammaPeginterferon alfa-2aInterferonInterferon alfa-2b

Question 10: [6] Therefore, the large genome is required for encoding various ________ and proteins involved in viral DNA replication and gene transcription.
Adenosine triphosphateEnzyme inhibitorCofactor (biochemistry)Enzyme


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