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Question 1: Vacation rentals are available in most states of the US and very prevalent in major tourist areas such as Hawaii, ________, and Florida.
Los AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaCaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 2: A vacation rental is a fully furnished property, such as a ________, townhome or single-family-style home, often referred to as villa rentals in Europe.
Allodial titleProperty lawReal estateCondominium

Question 3: Vacation rental is a term in the travel industry meaning renting out a furnished ________ or house on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel.
High-riseSkyscraperApartmentTower block

Question 4: The vacation rental market is much larger in ________ than it is in the United States as it has long been a common travel option for European travellers.
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 5: A ________ is a piece of real estate—often a fully furnished condominium—that is jointly shared by multiple owners.
United StatesTimeshareChristmasFrance

Question 6: Vacation rentals have long been a popular travel option in Europe (especially in the UK) as well as in ________ and are becoming increasingly popular across the world.
BarbadosCanadaBelizeUnited States

Question 7: In the ________, hotels often enjoy the advantages of brand recognition, familiar reservation processes, and on-site staff for problem resolution.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines

Question 8: Consumers unfamiliar with the concept of a vacation rental may confuse it with the seemingly similar, but distinctly different, ________.
United StatesTimeshareFranceChristmas


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