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V (comics): Quiz


Question 1: ________ - Titan Books (ISBN 1-85286-291-2)
WalesUnited KingdomCanadaEngland

Question 2: V kills now-Bishop Lilliman by forcing him to eat a communion wafer laced with ________.

Question 3: In the film, he only bombs the Old Bailey and ________ building.
Palace of WhitehallPalace of WestminsterTower of LondonWestminster Abbey

Question 4: Delia Surridge, involving artificially-designed ________ injection.
TestosteroneHormoneEndocrine systemProgesterone

Question 5: V then kills Surridge, the one Larkhill official who feels remorse for her actions, by injecting her with a ________ that painlessly kills her.
Lead poisoningArsenic poisoningMercury poisoningPoison

Question 6: Four years after his escape from Larkhill, V begins his vendetta against the government by blowing up ________ on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day.
ParliamentParliamentary systemBicameralismUnicameralism

Question 7: He is a mysterious anarchist vigilante and freedom fighter, easily recognizable by his ________ mask and dark clothing.
Gunpowder PlotGuy Fawkes NightGuy FawkesChristopher Wright

Question 8: His confidante ________ speculates in the comic that V might be her own father, who was arrested years before as a political prisoner; V denies it, however, Moore has confirmed that V is not Evey's father.
V for VendettaEvey HammondV for Vendetta (film)V (comics)

Question 9: V is a fictional character from the comic book series V for Vendetta, created by ________ and David Lloyd.
WatchmenAlan MooreAlan Moore bibliographyFrom Hell

Question 10: According to Moore, he was designed to be both a protagonist and antagonist, so that readers could decide for themselves whether he was a hero fighting for a cause, or simply ________.
Bipolar disorderInsanity defenseInsanityMental disorder


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