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VRML: Quiz


Question 1:
VRML, Portable Document Format and Adobe Flash are all:
ISO standards Vector graphics markup languages Virtual reality Graphics file formats

Question 2: [2] URLs can be associated with graphical components so that a web browser might fetch a webpage or a new VRML file from the ________ when the user clicks on the specific graphical component.
E-mailInternetInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide Web

Question 3: VRML is also widely used as a file format for interchange of 3D models, particularly from ________ systems.
ComputerCATIA2D computer graphicsComputer-aided design

Question 4: In 1997, a new version of the format was finalized, as VRML97 (also known as VRML2 or VRML 2.0), and became an ________ standard.
ISO 3166-1OpenDocumentISO 3166International Organization for Standardization

Question 5:
VRML, International Standard Book Number and OSI model are all:
ISO standards Graphics file formats Virtual reality Vector graphics markup languages

Question 6: The ________ Interactive Profile (ISO/IEC 14496) was based on VRML (now on X3D), and X3D is largely backward-compatible with it.
MPEG-1MPEG-2MPEG-4Moving Picture Experts Group

Question 7: This version was specified from, and very closely resembled, the API and ________ of the Open Inventor software component, originally developed by SGI.
File formatFilename extensionMagic number (programming)File system

Question 8:
VRML, Google Earth and DirectX are all:
Graphics file formats ISO standards Vector graphics markup languages Virtual reality

Question 9: To fill the void a variety of proprietary Web 3D formats emerged over the next few years, including Microsoft Chrome and ________, neither of which is supported today.
Adobe Integrated RuntimeAdobe Flash PlayerAdobe AtmosphereAdobe Flash

Question 10: At the time of VRML's popularity, a majority of users, both business and personal, were using slow ________.
Integrated Services Digital NetworkBroadband Internet accessModemDial-up Internet access


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