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VHS: Quiz


Question 1: The final major Hollywood motion picture released on VHS was ________'s A History of Violence.
David CronenbergCrash (1996 film)ScannersDead Ringers (film)

Question 2:
Where does VHS come from?
from, Japan to, Philippines
Japan;, United States of America
Spain & Japan

Question 3: A small number of VHS decks are able to decode ________ on pre-recorded video cassettes.
ATSC (standards)NTSCClosed captioningTelevision

Question 4: Early VCRs used an ________ as the light source, which can fail and may cause the VCR to erroneously think that a cassette is loaded when empty, or will detect the blown bulb and stop functioning completely.
Compact fluorescent lampFlashtubeFluorescent lampIncandescent light bulb

Question 5:
What type is thing is VHS?
Video recording media
Off-Off Broadway

Question 6: ________-based media center
Personal computerNetbookMicrocomputerLaptop

Question 7: Most notable of these devices was ArVid, widely used in ________ and CIS states.
RussiaRussian cultureUnited StatesMoscow

Question 8: ________/625/25 (SECAM, French variety)

Question 9: Shortly after the introduction of the VHS format, ________ were developed.
LaserdiscHD DVDBlu-ray DiscVHS tape rewinder

Question 10: A single Blu-ray Disc can hold up to 50GB (over 5X the capacity of DVD) of information including up to ________ High-definition video, high definition photos, music, and more.
1080p720pATSC (standards)1080i

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