VERA videotape format: Quiz

Question 1: In order to cope with 625-line ________ or SECAM colour transmissions VERA would likely have required an even faster, and possibly unfeasible, tape speed.

Question 2: Ironically, the only VERA recordings that survive are film ________ of the original demonstration.
KinescopeVideotapeIVC videotape formatVideo

Question 3: Development began in 1952, but VERA was not perfected until 1958, by which time it had already been rendered obsolete by the ________ quadruplex video recording system.
Bing CrosbyType C videotapeEMIAmpex

Question 4: VERA (Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus) was an early videotape format developed by the ________ beginning in 1952.
Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationRaidió Teilifís ÉireannTG4BBC

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