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Uzbek language: Quiz


Question 1: Article 1 of the ________
Universal Declaration of Human RightsDrafting of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsInternational Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Question 2: Some speakers write using the Cyrillic script, others write using the ________--as that is the language they have gone to school in.
Uyghur languageUyghur alphabetUyghur Latin YéziqiArabic alphabet

Question 3: Uzbek is a language which can be considered the direct descendant or a latter form of Chagatay, the language of great Turkic Central Asian literary development in the realm of Chagatai Khan, ________ (Tamerlane), and the Timurids.
Mongol EmpireGenghis KhanTimurid dynastyTimur

Question 4: Uzbek (O‘zbek tili or O'zbekcha in Latin script, Ўзбек тили or Ўзбекча in Cyrillic script; أۇزبېك ﺗﻴﻠی in ________) is a Turkic language and the official language of Uzbekistan.
Syriac alphabetHebrew alphabetArabic languageArabic alphabet

Question 5: Uzbek vocabulary has been heavily influenced by neighboring Persian languages and dialects, such as ________, Tajik and Dari.
Kurdish languageOld Persian languagePersian languagePashto language

Question 6: It has about 23.5 million native speakers, and it is spoken by the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan and elsewhere in ________.
Central AsiaSouth AsiaMiddle EastSiberia

Question 7: The first Turkic dynasty in the region was that of the ________ in the 9th- 12th centuries AD, who were a Qarluq tribe.
Uyghur peopleKara-Khanid KhanateMongol EmpireGenghis Khan

Question 8: Uzbek belongs to the ________ family of Turkic languages, and consequently its lexicon and grammar are most closely linked to the Uyghur language, while other influences rose from Persian, Arabic and Russian.
GöktürksTurkic peoplesKarluksUyghur people

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