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Uxmal: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Uxmal?

Question 2:

Question 3: For generations Uxmal was ruled over by the Xiu family, was the most powerful site in western Yucatan, and for a while in alliance with ________ dominated all of the northern Maya area.
Chichen ItzaTikalCalakmulPalenque

Question 4: The first detailed account of the ruins was published by ________ in 1838.
MesoamericaJean-Frédéric WaldeckCharles Étienne Brasseur de BourbourgMexico

Question 5: The Governor's Palace, a long low building atop a huge platform, with the longest façades in Pre-Columbian ________.
Maya civilizationMesoamerican chronologyMesoamericaTakalik Abaj

Question 6: [1] The place name is Pre-Columbian and it is usually assumed to be an archaic ________ phrase meaning "Built Three Times", although some scholars of the Maya language dispute this derivation.
BurushaskiUto-Aztecan languagesMayan languagesAltaic languages

Question 7: The Maya architecture here is considered matched only by that of ________ in elegance and beauty.
CalakmulChichen ItzaPalenqueUxmal

Question 8: It is 78 km south of Mérida, Yucatán, or 110 km from that city on Highway 261 towards ________), 15 km south-southeast of the town of Muna and in the municipality of Santa Elena.
Oaxaca, OaxacaMexico CityMoreliaCampeche, Campeche

Question 9: ________ made a map of the site in 1909 which included some previously overlooked buildings.
Maya civilizationMesoamericaSylvanus MorleyChichen Itza

Question 10: The majority of hieroglyphic inscriptions were on a series of stone ________ unusually grouped together on a single platform.
MegalithSteleBritish MuseumMing Dynasty


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