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Uttara Kannada: Quiz


Question 1: ________ -Ankola railway line is proposed to link Karwar port and the northern Karnataka.
Dharwad districtBagalkot districtHubballiNorth Karnataka

Question 2: The town of ________ is the administrative headquarters of the district.
AnkolaUttara KannadaKarwarKumta

Question 3: The chief crops of the district are ________ and sugarcane, along with a great diversity of other crops.

Question 4: ________ and cotton are grown in the drier portion of the district east of the Western Ghats.
MaizeMilletCommercial sorghumRice

Question 5: East of the Sahyadris is the Balaghat upland, part of the vast ________ plateau.
HimalayasEastern GhatsDeccan PlateauWestern Ghats

Question 6: NH-63 Which connects Ankola and ________
North KarnatakaBagalkot districtKarnatakaHubballi

Question 7: ________ Which connects Mangalore and Mumbai via Kumta,
GoaKarwarKonkan RailwayNational Highway 17 (India)

Question 8: In 1956 the southern portion of Bombay state was added to Mysore state, which was renamed ________ in 1972.

Question 9: The British established North Kanara district as a part of the ________.
Navi MumbaiMumbaiBombay PresidencySamyukta Maharashtra Samiti

Question 10: East of the crest is the ________ of the Sahyadris, which receive as little as 1000 mm annually.
Rain shadowPrecipitation (meteorology)Orographic liftOceanic climate


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