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Utopia (book): Quiz


Question 1: He lays most of the problems of theft at the cause of ________—the enclosing of common land—and the subsequent poverty and starvation of people who are denied access to land because of sheep farming.
Landless Workers' MovementEnclosureWestern Cape Anti-Eviction CampaignOpen field system

Question 2: Raphael says that through his teachings ________ was beginning to take hold in Utopia.
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 3:
When was Utopia (book) published?

Question 4:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Utopia (book)?

Question 5: He suggests that Raphael is one of the 24 men Vespucci, in his Four Voyages of 1507, says he left for six months at Cabo Frio, ________.
MozambiqueEast TimorPortugalBrazil

Question 6: The suggestion that More may have agreed with the views of Raphael is given weight by the way he dressed; with "his cloak was hanging carelessly about him"; a style which ________ reports that More himself was wont to adopt.
Stephen GardinerJohn ChekeRoger AschamEngland

Question 7: In ________, Utopia was spelled "Utopie", which is today rendered Utopy in some editions.
Early Modern EnglishEnglish languageOld EnglishMiddle English

Question 8: In the same year, it was printed in Leuven under Erasmus's editorship and after revisions by More it was printed in ________ in November 1518.
ZürichBernSt. GallenBasel

Question 9: ________'s translation of 1684 is probably the most commonly cited version.
ScotlandGilbert BurnetCovenanterEdinburgh

Question 10: Parallel to this, every citizen must learn at least one of the other essential trades: weaving (mainly done by the women), carpentry, metalsmithing and ________.
StonemasonryMasonryStone wallBrick

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