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Uther Pendragon: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Uther Pendragon have?

Question 2: [1] According to Geoffrey and works based on his version, Uther acquired the epithet when he witnessed a portentous ________-shaped comet, which inspired him to use dragons on his standards.
Serpent (symbolism)Phoenix (mythology)UnicornDragon

Question 3: In ________'s Mists of Avalon, Uther is the nephew of Aurelianus instead of his brother; while Aurelianus is the son of a Roman Emperor, Uther has no Roman blood.
The Keeper's PriceMarion Zimmer BradleyDarkover seriesZandru's Forge

Question 4: Brickus becomes father of Utepandrag√Ľn, father of Arthur, while the elder son, Lazaliez, becomes father of Gandin of ________, father of Gahmuret, father of Parzival/Perceval.

Question 5: Notably, he is ________'s uncle, since in this version the latter is his brother Ambrosius' illegitimate son.
King ArthurKing Arthur in various mediaMerlinCamelot

Question 6: Uther Pendragon and Arthur here appear as the scions of the junior branch of an unattested House of ________.

Question 7: With Aurelius on the throne, Uther leads his brother's army to ________ to help Merlin bring the stones of Stonehenge from there to Britain.
Northern IrelandWalesIrelandIrish people

Question 8: Uther and his other brother Aurelius Ambrosius, still children, flee to ________.
Breton languageBreton peopleBrittanyNantes

Question 9: Uther Pendragon (French: Uter Pendragon; Welsh: Wthyr Bendragon, Uthr Bendragon, Uthyr Pendraeg) is a legendary king of sub-Roman Britain and the father of ________.
King ArthurKing Arthur's familyHistorical basis for King ArthurKing Arthur's messianic return

Question 10: This theme of illegitimate conception is repeated in Arthur's siring of ________ on his own sister Morgause in the later prose romances.
King ArthurCamelotMordredUther Pendragon

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