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Uterine orgasm: Quiz


Question 1: A uterine orgasm occurs due to stimulation and stretching of a woman's fornix, just above and below the cervix, near the AFE zone, at the end of the vagina, which results in indirect contact with the ________.
OvaryVulvaReproductive systemUterus

Question 2: During uterine orgasm, deep and rapid thrusts jostle the cervix and stimulate a sensitive membrane called the ________ that lines the abdomen and protects the pelvic area, including the uterus.
Human abdomenRetroperitoneumMesenteryPeritoneum

Question 3: This measurable emotional change is characterized by a significant increase in ________ levels and apnea response.

Question 4: Removal of the uterus as a result of ________ will result in an inability to achieve uterine orgasms.
ICD-9-CM Volume 3OophorectomySurgeryHysterectomy

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