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Question 1: The Utah Senate elects a ________ and the Utah House elects a Speaker, and each political party caucus in both houses elects party leadership including a Majority Leader, Majority Whip and Assistant Majority Whip by the Caucus with the most members in that house.
United States SenateSenate of FrancePresident of the SenateSenate of Fiji

Question 2: The first President of the Utah Territorial Senate was Willard Richards and the first Territorial Speaker of the House was ________.
Joseph Smith, Jr.Brigham YoungW. W. Phelps (Mormon)Parley P. Pratt

Question 3: The Legislature convenes at the Utah State Capitol in the state capital of ________ on the third Monday of January for an annual 45 day session.
Sacramento, CaliforniaSalt Lake CitySalt Lake County, UtahPhoenix, Arizona

Question 4: The Utah State Legislature is the state legislature of the ________ of Utah.
MassachusettsConnecticutColoradoU.S. state

Question 5: Legislative committees serve an important function in the ________, as the majority of the debate and discussion of a bill is done in Committee and public comment is generally accepted at this point in the bill process.
Parliamentary procedureParliamentary authorityQuorumChairman

Question 6: The ________ may by proclamation convene the Legislature in Special Session, to transact legislative business, but no legislative business can be conducted except that which is expressed in the proclamation or other legislative business that the Governor shall call attention to.
GovernorUnited StatesAustraliaCanada

Question 7: The Utah Legislature is a ________, partisan body composed of a lower chamber which is the Utah House of Representatives with 75 members, and upper chamber which is the Utah Senate, with 29 members.
Upper houseUnited States SenateAustralian SenateBicameralism

Question 8: [13] The creation of the Territory of Utah was part of the ________ seeking to preserve the political balance of power between the slave and free states.
Mexican CessionCompromise of 1850American Civil WarTexas

Question 9: It is a bicameral body, comprising of the ________, with 75 Representatives, and the Utah Senate, with 29 State Senators.
United States House of RepresentativesUtah State LegislatureUtah State SenateUtah House of Representatives

Question 10: Currently, the state of ________ is the only state in the United States that is elected and conducted in a nonpartisan manner.


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