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Usury: Quiz


Question 1: According to this argument, interest-driven investment is essential to ________, and therefore to the very existence of industrial civilization.
Economic growthEconomicsEconomic inequalityAustrian School

Question 2: In some states (such as ________) such loans are voided ab initio[24]
MassachusettsNew JerseyNew YorkConnecticut

Question 3: The usury was cited as the official reason for the ________.
AntisemitismJewish Naturalization Act 1753Statute of the JewryEdict of Expulsion

Question 4: Many other crowned heads of Europe expelled the Jews, although again conversion to Christianity meant that you were no longer considered a Jew (see the articles on marranos or ________).
Sephardi JewsMexicoJewish ethnic divisionsCrypto-Judaism

Question 5: [3] ________ made the belief in the right to usury a heresy in 1311, and abolished all secular legislation which allowed it.
Pope Alexander VIPope Clement VPope Boniface VIIIPope Benedict XI

Question 6: The ________ in 325, forbade clergy from engaging in usury[1] (canon 17).
History of the Catholic ChurchCouncil of ChalcedonFirst Council of NicaeaHistory of Christianity

Question 7: The ________ parable of the ten gold pieces refers to the concept of "usury" or "interest": a nobleman says to his servants:
GospelBiblical canonJesusNew Testament

Question 8: Growth of the ________ internationally has enabled global micro-lending charities where lenders make small sums of money available on zero-interest terms.
World Wide WebInternetE-mailInternet Relay Chat

Question 9: Johnson contends that the Torah treats lending as ________ in a poor community whose aim was collective survival, but which is not obliged to be charitable towards outsiders.
Charitable organizationPhilanthropyFoundation (non-profit)Altruism

Question 10: The following quotations are from the ________, 1917 Jewish Publication Society translation:
Deuterocanonical booksHebrew BibleTanakhOld Testament


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