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Ustaše: Quiz


Question 1: [29] ________ today also use term "ustaše" to defame Croats[30][31], despite the fact that there were Bosnians among the Ustaše troops (see Crna Legija).
BosniaksSerbsBosniak historyBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 2: The flag of the ________ was a red-white-blue horizontal tricolor with the shield of the Coat of Arms or Croatia in the middle and the U in the upper left.
UstašeIndependent State of CroatiaNazismAnte Pavelić

Question 3:
What ideology does Ustae subscribe to?
Croatian ultranationalism,
Conservatism, Rightism and soft Islamism

Question 4:
Where does Ustae come from?
Virginia , United States
Independent State of Croatia
United States and Canada
Oregon , United States

Question 5: Allegations exist that it's still being kept in the ________.
Pope Pius XIIInstitute for Works of ReligionItalyVatican City

Question 6: After that, it was used by Edvard Kardelj and Moša Pijade in the Yugoslav war reparations claim sent to ________.

Question 7: Their hat insignia was the shield of ________ surrounded or embossed with the U.
Culture of CroatiaArt of CroatiaCroatsCoat of arms of Croatia

Question 8:
When was Ustae founded?
Columbus, Ohio

Question 9: The ________ Museum of Holocaust compiled a list of over 77,000 names of Jasenovac victims.
BelgradeNovi SadZemunSmederevo

Question 10: The symbol of the Ustaše is a wide capital letter "U" which is pronounced ________.
TypefaceTypographic ligatureDiacriticSerif

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