Uruguay: Quiz


Question 1: The latter was led by the exiled ________, who was working as a mathematics teacher in Montevideo when the war broke out.
Giuseppe GaribaldiItalian unificationRomeItaly

Question 2:
When was Uruguay established?

Question 3: Emigration to the United States also rose recently, but remains a small part of the US ________ population.
Latin AmericaHispanicHispanic and Latino AmericansSpain

Question 4: Spanish colonization increased as Spain sought to limit Portugal's expansion of ________'s frontiers.
BrazilEast TimorMozambiqueAngola

Question 5: There is also a huge variety of ________, as well as calzone, fugazzetas, figazzas, fainás, and cheese fainá.
BreadItalian-American cuisineBreakfastPizza

Question 6: In 2007, it became the first Latin American country to legalize same and different sex ________ at a national level.
Civil unionDomestic partnershipSame-sex marriageSame-sex union

Question 7:
Which is the largest city in Uruguay?

Question 8:
What is the capital of Uruguay?

Question 9:
What is the calling code of Uruguay?

Question 10: The Uruguayan Constitution allows citizens to repeal laws or to change the constitution by ________.
Elections by countryReferendumUnited KingdomBy-election

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